Discussion Islands

educataGhana 2022 will host two discussion islands that will serve as a platform for Companies, Entrepreneurs, Educational Institutions, Developmental Agencies, State Enterprises, Private Businesses to deliberate and discuss topics under the selected Focus Areas as most have faced a variety of challenges because of uncertainties, ranging from world pandemic to political instability and insecurity across countries. These discussion islands will be characterized by engagements between a panel and interested participants either in a form of expositions or panel discussions.

Exposition: Selected Premium Partners would be given one(1) hour slot to introduce their businesses, market and sell their product and service to the audience of educataGhana 2022. 

Topics Under Focus Areas


  • Moving towards a digitalized Ghana: Examining the current situation of post-COVID 19 business climates.
  • Digital upskilling: The sure way to stand out in this increasing IT-demanding world of work.

Tourism & Hospitality

  • The relevance of quality customer service in promoting our hospitality industry.
  • Bridging the skills gap in the tourism/hospitality Industry – the strategy.


  • Exposition: Construction Chemicals- What are they and what difference do they make in construction?
  • Developing TVET Systems in light of Industry – An in company Approach.

Finance & Investment

  • Financing programmes for SMEs and Entrepreneurship: Broadening the Range of Instruments.
  • Increasing finance and investment opportunities for sustainable projects in Ghana.


  • Developing local component supply chain, automotive skills, and technology upgrade.
  • Ghana’s ecosystem for the modern automotive industry – Readiness of e-mobility.

Food & Agriculture

  • Exposition: Growing predictions on Food shortage – An urgent call to action starting from the grassroots.
  • TVET Approaches in Food and Agriculture.

Some Highlights of educataGhana 2020