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We connect, we organize, we listen, we speak, we plan, we advise, we correct, we are open for criticism, we help, we support, we merge, and we separate. We are the WACEE, the Germans, we drive business and we are educata. We are part of a network visible in 140 locations in 92 countries and we are Ghanaian. We represent and are present. We are the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana and we are so much more.

Through our network in politics, economy and society in Ghana and beyond, Konrad Adenauer Foundation brings people together in order to dive into the next step. To brainstorm new ideas. To improve individual and social life(s). To encourage (young) people to discover the world and themselves, to take their destiny into their hands. We are convinced that tradition and values are the base of and for progress.

With footprints in over 40 countries all over the globe and over 200 years of rich financial experience, the Sparkassenstiftung is passionate about impacting developing nations and economies through financial training, support to SMEs and the wholistic encouragement of financial sectors of nations. We think globally, act locally and cooperate internationally for financial inclusion worldwide.