Apprenticeship in Germany

Insights and Opportunities

Skilled crafts and trades serve as the backbone of small and medium-sized enterprises and are pivotal to Germany’s economic strength. With a rich tradition and dual vocational training spanning 2 to 3.5 years, these sectors also embody significant innovation. However, the German economy currently faces the challenge of filling vacancies with qualified specialists.

With the introduction of the Apprenticeship – Employment in Germany program, the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana (AHK Ghana) aspires to support young Ghanaians who want to work in Germany. This program supports and exposes individuals to 50% in-company training and 50% VET school training in Germany.

As part of this, a delegation from Germany will visit educataGhana 2024 to interact with young Ghanaians through discussions and interviews. Numerous well-known German companies will also be on site to encourage the exchange experience. The delegation will also visit some of the technical institutions in the country.

This visit aims to foster cross-cultural understanding and provide opportunities for young Ghanaians to learn about German advancements in various fields. By engaging directly with industry leaders, students and young professionals will gain insights into global trends and innovations, which can inspire them to work and pursue career paths in Germany.

Professions in Demand

Navigating the German job market can be successfully achieved with proper organization. Visit educataGhana 2024 to learn more about in-demand professions, qualification recognition, and job search strategies.

Wood Mechanics

Take your career to new heights. Work alongside industry pioneers and be part of groundbreaking projects that set new standards in wood mechanics.

Automotive Mechanics

Join the ranks of the world’s finest automotive experts. Working in Germany grants endless opportunities for young professional’s development.

Construction Welders

There is a particularly high demand for skilled welders in Germany. Gain practical insights and knowledge in innovative construction projects and grow career.

Brick Layers

Germany’s construction industry offers steady demand for skilled bricklayers, ensuring stable employment opportunities with the chance to immerse themselves in German culture.

Warehouse Specialists

Warehouse specialists gets to refine their skills in inventory management, logistics, and warehouse operations, benefiting from advanced technology and processes.

Plant Mechanics

Germany’s industrial sector, including manufacturing and engineering, provides consistent demand for skilled plant mechanics, ensuring stable employment opportunities.

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