Name Franky Willamson Tongle Kemela
Company Engineering Dobersek GmbH
Position Business Development Manager
Type of Business (Services/Products) Plant supplier for mining and mineral processing, ecology, water treatment
Address Vorster Straße 493, 41169 Mönchengladbach Germany
Telephone | Fax T: +49 2161 901 08 0 | F: +49 2161 901 08 20
Number of employees 200
Average Annual Turnover 50 Mio €
Company Profile Engineering Dobersek GmbH is a German based and an internationally acting mineral processing company, specialized in supplying of turnkey plants on EPC base (Engineering Procurement Construction) for treatment of different kind of ores. Moreover, the company specializes in planning, construction and commissioning of plants and plant components in the fields of power and environmental engineering, mining and metallurgy, water treatment, as well as chemical and special plant engineering.

With more than 200 employees in the head office in Germany and together with almost 200 employees worldwide within our subsidiaries, we belong to middle size EPC companies.

We are an independent engineering company and our clients appreciate and expect from us complete independency from certain manufacturer of the components and from certain technologies. Our independency handles for the benefit of the clients.

Almost all our plants are tailor made, designed in accordance with the state of the art and characterized with High German Quality. Preferably we use components from reputable European manufacturers.
Engineering Dobersek is able to deliver turnkey plants, including all necessary systems in order to provide the Client with a fully functional plant on EPC base or EPC-similar base. Furthermore, in case of the necessity of any additional investigation works, Engineering Dobersek GmbH covers current sphere as well.

Civil works, steel works and installation works we usually subcontracted to respectable local subcontractors under our supervision.

Business in Ghana Not yet established.
Intended to extend the business activities to Ghana.
Objectives To get in contact with the possible clients
To set a sign that Ghana is potential market for the Company
To set the basis for future cooperation

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