Name Dr. Tina Heinze
Company Tonify – Language and Literacy, limited and charitable
Position Managing director and language trainer
Type of Business (Services/Products) We offer German language and medical German language training in a virtual classroom as well as literacy programs for adults.
Address Anni-Eisler-Lehmann-Straße 3 55122 Mainz, Germany
Telephone | Fax T: +49 (0) 6131 2670062 | F: +49 (0) 6131 2670063
E-Mail contact@tonify-language.com
Homepage www.tonify-language.com
Number of employees 3
Average Annual Turnover 80.000,00 €
Company Profile Tonify is a registered charity and limited liability company. Founded in March 2018, the company is based in Mainz, Germany. The word - tonify - means to give strength or energy. Thus, we aim at empowering people through language training and literacy. We deliver our live language training in a virtual classroom from Adobe Connect. Our motivated language coaches provide high quality training. We use e-books, video conferences, whiteboards, breakout rooms for group work, online libraries and exercises for independent learning. The income from language training finances adult literacy programs in Africa. More than one third of African adults are illiterate; two thirds of them are women. Our vision is to provide adult literacy in Africa. Simply by using a tablet our participants will learn the basic skills of reading and writing.
Business in Ghana not yet
Objectives Our objectives are meeting with and presenting to prospective clients as well as examining whether our service is suitable for Ghanaian customers.