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#educataghana’s theme for 2018 is #empower. #educataGhana offers a unique platform for pupils, students, professionals, private and state-owned companies, governmental and public institutions a comprehensive overview of all existing education stakeholders in Ghana. Participants of educataGhana exhibition will present their education related products, services and activities. Expected exhibitors include local and international schools, universities, companies, private training institutions and training providers, job agencies as well as international development cooperation agencies. educataGhana conference will cover discussions about existing programs, current needs and demands, strategies and stakeholder exchanges.

Meet Our Speakers

Mr. Clement Owusu Addo
    Mr. Tony Atiegoba
      Ms Janet Lutterodt
        Ms Julia Olesen
          Mr. Matthias Von Bismarck Osten
            Ms. Nyokabi Njuguna
              Mr. Serigne Ndanck Mbaye
                Mr. Darlington Munhuwani
                CEO, Allianze Insurance Co.
                  LEARN MORE ABOUT topics

                  1.Are pupils equipped enough for further education like universities,
                  vocational schools and the job market?
                  2.How do we improve basic education?
                  3.What are the expectations and needs of the different target groups?

                  1.Does higher education provide the needed knowledge?
                  2. Does higher education match the needs of the private sector?
                  3. Does higher education foster collaboration with the private sector?

                  1. Are there enough and well-equipped vocational schools?
                  2. Do they match the skills-need of the job market?
                  3. How do we improve collaboration with the private sector?

                  1. What on-the-job training is available and what additional services
                  are needed?
                  2. What are the needs for further professional development?
                  3. Which providers exist already?


                  Companies, schools, associations, universities, training providers, development agencies and NGOs can display their activities, products and services.

                  CREATIVE CORNERS

                  Comprehensive overview of already existing activities in Ghana. Discussions about how to identify areas for closer cooperation.


                  Intensive training will be provided for three days, such as financial training, entrepreneurial training, technical training, job application training etc.

                  SIDE ATTRACTION

                  Providing a job fair for companies to present themselves as employers. The national skills competition by COTVET. Entertainment events.